Sunday, January 30, 2005

U don't know what u got till it's gone

Always heard of the saying 'u don't know what u've got till it's gone'... if it's a saying anyway or maybe I heard it from that Janet Jackson song ages ago :)

Was having a chat with my friend yesterday and she said that her sister who's away from home is closer to her parents than she is even though she has always been around. And I realized, hey that applies to me too... I speak more to my parents when I'm away than when I'm back. So absence does make the heart grow fonder. My family members are all over the globe these recent years so every moment that I have with any of my siblings and parents I make the most of it. It wasn't like this when we were younger and everyone was at home and we wish that our siblings and parents would just leave us alone.

During my last week in Melbourne, I was also savouring every moment of it, taking photos of Lygon street where I've lived for like 2 years and enjoying my mocha which I used to take just for caffeine boost. And my last day in Melbourne, every waking minute was so precious .. there's never been a day in my life so far that I can remember where I actually treasured every minute. So, moral of the story... I must constantly remind myself not to take things for granted :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

What are your priorities?

Today the word 'priorities' just dawned upon me. Somehow the word kept popping up in conversations, and in my head. Do people live their lives according to what priorities they have? I guess so. Is it really important to get ur priorities right? I certainly think so, although I can't say for a fact that it applies to myself.

Well, several conversations today just got me thinking. Some of us young adult's priorities are definitely career, but at the same time I don't think it would be such a big thing for me. Was inspired by an old friend of mine who mentioned how he works for passion. Admire that, I mean how many people nowadays dare to do what they are passionate about, most would work for money, reputation, so-called 'dream job'. I really hope I can find what I'm passionate about soon. I remember one of my law tutor's last speech to us which was "whatever u choose to do in life, be passionate about it". It has stuck on with me since.

Some other people are obsessed with settling down.. sometimes without even really thinking with who. Some others' priorities are their friends and family, and they would do anything to spend time with them, sometimes to much extremes. Some others are seriously obsessed with climbing up that corporate ladder and making big bucks. I would say nothing is really bad about any of these coz people choose to live their lives differently. I just realize that people orchestrate their life based on these priorities and their level of satisfaction in life also depend on that.

Say, you can ask 2 friends if they are happy with their life. One has a job with good prospects, earning big bucks, going up the ladder, travelling overseas for job assignments and another has a job with a really small firm with not much growth prospects, earning barely to survive and is settling down really early. The latter could be happy and contented perhaps more than the former. Say a payrise of a thousand would be awesome for the latter but meagre for the former.. so again, people who seemingly 'have everything' may not always be the happiest. :) Well, that's what I think anyway.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I was playing with my sis' pet Labrador this morning.. and realized why having a pet dog is such a stress reliever. Well, I read that having a pet actually reduces stress levels and cause owners to have longer lives. Don't know how true that is, but after this week observing and playing with Rocky the labrador.. I kinda understand why.

U see, Rocky is always happy to see me and I hardly even spend time with him. He's tied up sometimes for several hours and yet, when I see him, he jumps excitedly waiting to play with me. No complaints, no sour faces about being neglected and tied up in the same spot for hours with no one to play with. His friendliness and happy composure is infectious, yes it's just a dog but don't underestimate his "social" skills. Wouldn't it bring a smile to your face to see his cute face, him jumping happily to greet you when u come back and dying to be hugged and played with? It makes u forget all the past events of the day and savour the simple moments in life. Rocky is only depressed when my sis is not around, he knows it. He has feelings too. He's an amazing addition to our family... even though most of us are not pure animal lovers, especially my mum, but everyone has grown to love him. So much for us humans training our pets, when sometimes we need to observe and learn the simple things from them that we so easily neglect and forget.

Am I a twixter?

Was reading Time magazine on an article called "Meet the twixters". Twixters - a new generation of young adults who hop from job to job, mate to mate... and live with their parents for cost-saving reasons.. haha. Or more like, it's so expensive these days to live out on ur own, twixters got no choice with the measly sum of money they get perhaps. Plus, most people would have settled down at the age of 23-25 a few generations ago.. but it's not so common these days. Well, surprisingly there are a few of my friends who are already married or getting married though. So it makes me wonder... am I a twixter?

Well it's not necessarily a bad thing the article says. Young adults are searching for who they are and who they are capable of being, looking for the ideal partner and not just settling for the sake of settling down. But being a young adult, I have to say that things are definitely different nowadays then it was in "those" days. U hear of people who make it big by selling shoes from door to door, nowadays everyone has a degree, so it's no biggie. And education is expensive, makes me wonder how long I have to work to recover the cost of my education for that matter. What about the yuppie lifestyle? All the clothes, shoes and cosmetics that a girl needs or those cool techie stuff like ipods and digital cameras and mobile phones. Can anyone blame this generation for our lifestyle?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Welcome to the "real" world

It's been more than 24 hours since I landed in Malaysia and I'm still in a daze. Everything's pretty much the same as I imagined it to be, but I still can't believe I'm back. There's all these adjustments to make like getting used to not knowing the salespeople that I love to chat to in Melbourne :) Ok maybe that's a small issue haha.

I was talking with my boyfriend and we both realized that we have finally made it to the "real" world. What does that mean anyway? When we were in school, college through to Uni we were always told that "in the real world, things are not like this". It's as though we live in a shelter for about 22 years and now we are let loose into reality. Well now that I'm there, I finally kinda realize what they might mean. It's a dog-eat-dog world. Things are not as simple as they seem. Finding a good job is hard and stressful, u can't just pay some fees and enrol. People change, even those you know so well and sometimes there's nothing u can do about it. You don't know when and who you will fall in love with. You have to decide what to do with your life for the remaining years. So here I am, all 'dewy-eyed' trying to survive finally in the 'real' world.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I'm counting down to my last few days in Melbourne, where I've been for the past almost 5 years. It's such a hard thing to be adjusting to a place and liking it, and then to readjust back to going home.

So I've come up with another of my 'philosophies' of creating this new community called Austrasia.. where I could combine the organized city of Melbourne, the friendly sales people that I've gotten to know over the years, the cleanliness, the public transport (slow but reliable), the beautiful parks and clean air ... with my family, friends, mamak stalls, late night shopping, cheap food, cheap sandals, homecooked food.... and that would be 'Austrasia' - my utopia!

Any takers? :)

Monday, January 17, 2005


I've just recently watched 'Finding Neverland' and thought it was an awesome film. On that note, I had no idea what Peter Pan was about. Somehow Peter Pan was not in my list of childhood storybooks collection. So my boyfriend, being his sweet self, rented 'Peter Pan' and 'Hook' for me the next day... and I finally understood the magic of Peter Pan.

There's a child in all of us, and that's what makes Peter Pan so magical. And at this stage of my life, I do sometimes wish I was a child again and stop growing up but obviously that will never happen. There are great things bout being a grownup - freedom and independence but with that comes responsibility and making choices in life. I wish just for one day that I could live the carefree life of a child with no worries and responsibilities. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Me, a blogger?

Here I am on a Sunday evening, bored out of my mind, and decided to start a blog. Yes, I know, most of my close friends would know I'm actually an anti-blogger, refusing to let the idea of "letting the whole Internet community know my thoughts" to consume me. But boredom has its ways of creeping up at you when u least expect it :)

Currently, I've just graduated and I miss Uni already. People tell me that it's the best time of your life, and it definitely is. I've always enjoyed Uni, what's there not to like? Sleeping in, going for lectures whenever you want, having coffee in the middle of the day and just seeping in the fresh air on the way to class. Aaah, bliss...

It's all over now! Gotta start the next chapter of my life, join the rat race and be confined to the office, dreaming of those wonderful days where I could sip coffee in the middle of the day and chat about anything and everything with my close buds.