Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why I believe in God...

He changed my life,
He gave me a reason & purpose to live,
He loves me so much, more than I can ever fathom,
He has never left me nor forsaken me despite all the wrongs that I've done & despite walking away from Him,
He really takes care of me & looking back, everything whether good or bad were also part of His plan..
He changed me in ways that I could never imagine... from a shy, quiet person with low self-esteem to a more confident, outspoken person today,
He takes care of every intricate detail of my life,
He never short changes me when I trust Him but offers me only the best,
He helps me in my darkest hours when I have no one else to turn to - He is there,

How can I not believe there is a God?
He is so real, so real to me,
There is nothing more that I could ask for than knowing the Almighty God.

This Christmas, there is no greater gift that I want for my family and friends, than hoping that they too will discover the love of God... and have the life changing experience that I have ... Blessed Christmas!