Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nuggets of life at this juncture...

Random collection of things that I've learnt at this juncture of my life.... (especially after being exposed to the "real world" post Uni days)... :) Serves as a reminder to myself.
  • Manage upwards, besides managing downwards. It makes a lot of difference who you work with. You can't change your boss, neither do most bosses bother to accommodate to your work style - in order to survive, you'd need to manage to suit his/her style. It will make both parties happier. However, you shouldn't need to compromise your own work style, strike a balance. My happiest times are when my bosses' values & principles are similar to mine & they believe and trust me and allowed me to work independently. I absolutely detest micro-management (even ants don't need to be told what to do every second and controlled - might as well hire a robot!)
  • Learn to accept people as they are - we spend far too much time being frustrated by someone else's behaviour. It helps to sometimes laugh it off every now and then. If everyone was created like you, the world will be a boring place.
  • Love your job, but don't get 'emotionally involved' with the company. It is afterall an entity - it will and can survive without you. It cannot love you back.
  • You know who your true friends are, when you leave.
  • Work towards your own life's goals, not for the sake of seeking people's approval. You'd end up being a slave to work.
  • Stand up for what you believe is right - even though it may make you the minority. Have guts!
  • People matter! As I have read, people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Take care of your people, just as you take care of the servers and PCs - people are assets too! (Some people fail to realize that)
  • There is sometimes a bigger risk, in not taking a risk.
  • Short term pain for long term gain...
  • Keep yourself happy - it's a choice we make everyday!
  • Every now & then, stop and think where you are heading.
  • Courage is being afraid, but going ahead with it anyway.
  • Everything in life is a choice. No one forces you, but it is the invisible force created by yourself about what the world tells you, that you need to do.
  • Always do a great job!
  • Always make time for the things that are important to you.
  • Prayer works! A friend of mine wrote "It is not hard to see God's hand in your life" - I am truly blessed! Some say that I'm 'lucky', but the truth is - all glory is to God who answers my prayers.
  • The more you give, the more you receive. I don't know why, but it seems to work that way. I am continuously touched by how much more I have received from giving.
  • There is no greater discovery than true love.
  • Eventually, the truth will be uncovered - you can only get so far with bullshit. The stench will speak for itself. People do get away with it, but at the cost of being associated with the smell.
  • Many proud, arrogant people are actually broken inside.
  • Those who boast and speak most about their successes to others, are in fact the most insecure.
  • No one has ever succeeded in accomplishing great things, without passion & determination.

It's amazing how much I have learnt at this juncture of my life, and I'm really thankful for the nuggets of wisdom imparted by my many mentors! I would be grateful if I only had one mentor, but I have had the privilege of many, many mentors... including my siblings, church leaders, ex-bosses, ex-tutor. Thank you!!