Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random thoughts since my last blog

It has been a while since my last blog, so I've decided to write random thoughts & happenings since the year 2006 began.

I went to Melbourne and back - almost surreal that I was actually there. Everything's still the same except that the number of familiar faces can be counted with both hands - in other words, the people I knew have all left. Had a blast shopping, that was what I missed most. My favourite shops - Cue and Satch still do not disappoint, in addition to the clearance sales which really made my week & burnt a large hole in my pocket. I have realized one thing - I have no self control when it comes to shopping. Was also hooked to those long beaded necklaces and big shades *ahem* thanks to my shopping buddies. :P Came back looking weird (like from another world) but who cares? I've also discovered that I have a weakness for bags (bought 5 in a week).

It was horrible trying to get back to work after a week of doing nothing & whatever I wanted. Anyway, it was all good .. I started my new role at work - new boss, new team, new tasks. A good start to the new year. I used to complain when I was too free, but now I treasure it as I know how busy and stressful it can get.

This blog is gonna be so random. I also realized that not many colleagues can be promoted to 'friends' but am glad I do have quite a number. And there are just some people who prefer to spend their days being unhappy for no good reason. It amazes me - doesn't it get tiring to be unhappy all the time? There are also some who try too hard to make conversation, argh. How do you balance between being accomodating or being rude when situations like these arise?

Chinese New Year has also come by. So quick! Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone! :) This year is real quiet, only one family from Singapore came down, my eldest sis couldn't come back. Doesn't feel like CNY, I had to force myself to put up the usual decors around the house to bring up the spirit. Nevertheless, always good to catch up with family & relatives, especially cousins. Festive seasons can be the most joyest and also, saddest times for those who do not have family to celebrate with. I'm so fortunate to only miss one CNY away from home. :)

Other random thoughts. Another year, means another year older! Ack!! Was just thinking how my parents already had kids at my age (OMG!) and most of us cannot even take care of ourselves! Most of us are way too pampered at home, being the 3rd generation who hardly tasted any hardship and thus, less 'grown up' than we should be. Most of the guys are still scouting around for 'hot chicks' whereas most girls at this juncture are turned off by the immaturity. Unless there's a Mr Darcy lurking around, haha.

More random thoughts. Always take time to know someone if you can. There's so much behind their experiences that one could learn from, and it really explains how they become who they are. The happiest and most optimistic people I know so far are those who have gone through hell and back - ironically. Those who know what it's like to lose all until they do not have any time or anything else to lose than to be happy with life. On the downside, those who seemingly have a 'good' life are those who complain, whinge and whine about any little eensy weensy thing under the sun and are the most selfish individuals that I know. Sulking when they do not get what they want, and hurting others in the process... not noticing that there is so much more to life. Stop and smell the roses, and let the sunrise or sunset remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

Ok this is really so random, it's not funny. I'd stop here. Happy CNY!!!