Monday, September 25, 2006

Snippet No. 3 - H-O-R and DoonaTi

Last week, things got much better (in the sense that I didn't fall down or anything like that) but it also got crazier due to my impulsive, sponstaneous decisions.

So, I've decided to add Snippet No 3 in my To-Be book 'So, You Think You're Weird?'. It was also confirmed when someone told me over lunch that I'm 'abnormal' and '2nd level weird' (i.e. not as weird as someone else he knew). I asked what does THAT (being 'abnormal') mean and his response was "Well, Albert Einstein was abnormal and so was Alexander Graham Bell in their time". Hmm.. maybe I need to invent something soon or make some discovery, otherwise I'd just be plain weird.

So Snippet No 3 is about the 2 sponstaneous weird things I did last week thanks to Hold-One-Rice, nickname for my equally weird friend. On a peaceful Thursday night, we decided to go out for drinks.. but driving around aimlessly, we ended up at The Curve, parked the car, attempted to watch a movie but the cineplex was closed. Geez! Since it was nearly midnite, we thought we'd just crazily watch a midnite movie at 1U instead. So since it was so unplanned, I decided to go home and change first since the cinemas here try and simulate what it's like to watch a movie in an igloo. So we made it to 1U, unnecessarily worried IF there were tickets (in hindsight, why wud anyone watch midnite movies on a Thursday? Hahahha) and got the seats... and killed 45 minutes sitting in some modernized kopitiam. Man, I was sooooooo tired the next day it wasn't funny but still managed to meet the targets at work. Phew! It was really fun though!!

Then during the weekend, Hold-One-Rice somehow convinced me to do something really weird again... or maybe it was the weird-ness in the suggestion that made me agree to do it :P. We did some market survey by sitting around random restaurants and ordering drinks so that it didn't look so strange. I must say it's the weirdest thing to do. I bumped into a friend there and had difficulties explaining what I was actually doing in the shopping complex. All in all, we made amazing discoveries, like the amount of times people try different flavours and not buying any at all. Is that profitable? Oh well...

Hmmm I wonder what's next..


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