Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When I grow up..

My fave nephew was here last week... the most adorable little boy I know. Anyway, being a child, as usual.. one of the things he likes to say is "When I grow up, I want to be a doctor / pilot".

It got me thinking, how come children never say "When I grow up, I wanna be a consultant / auditor / systems analyst / CEO etc" ... it's always doctor / teacher / pilot. So my theory is that most of the professions that children come in close contact with are doctors (when they are ill or in fact, when given birth to).. and teachers (also first people to educate them on stuff, very influential) or pilots (playing with toy planes perhaps?).

Reality is... how many of us really grow up to be what we wanted to be? My ambitions were paediatrician, teacher, painter (at one point) or writer. Do I truly want to be that? Will I still want to achieve those? Would I be happier in those professions? Hmmm... Or do we choose our professions mainly based on... market demands, stability of income, peer pressure?

People tell me that the grass is always greener on the other side. Very true. But will we ever know.. if this is indeed true, then the grass is just GREEN - not greener. It is generically the same. Is there anyone who truly wakes up every morning, loving their job? I mean, truly. Not because they don't have to work coz they are rich or they are doing what they like because they can afford to. How do you prod along, telling yourself each day... that this is what you are born to do? Or is it? Would you ever know? Hmmm.. and is it an option? What if the grass is really just GREEN?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sarcasm.. to the max!

Sarcasm has reached new heights at my workplace!! And I'm loving every bit of it!! Haha... I'm afraid that thanks to my lead who is super-sarcastic, we are infiltrating all the younger minds to our roots of sarcasm. My new colleague has even taken up the idea of having a little word document on the shared folder so that we can pen down the classics... yea, ok we are all stressed & a little crazy so need a little stress reliever. Whatever helps.. right? ;) Here's a little glimpse of our golden collection:

...Question: "Why talk about an ideal world when there's no such thing in the first place??", Reply: "Well, coz once you're in it, it'd no longer be ideal."

...Colleague A: "I've watched half of the new season of 24! You want to know who died???" *grins*, Reply: "No & it better not be you."

..."Boss, I've lost my way" (while trying to get from point A in KL to client's place nearby). First response: "You're still in KL, right?"

.. While munching on an apple, Mr X said to me "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". I glanced at him and said, "An apple a day keeps you away"... ok, I'm evil.

..."Hey, today colleague B had lunch with us" (Colleague B is always on a diet)... Response: "Yea, and that's lunch for the whole of this week right?"

Sarcasm rocks.. makes work feel like a live Seinfeld episode!! *sniggers*

See?? He's loving it!! What a cutie-pie!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Snippet No. 1

So I always wanted to write a book. Or I could write a book about all the books I wanted to write about. Anyway, I thought of putting a little "snippet" (it just sounds nice) of an imaginary book that I could potentially write called "So, you think you're weird?" ... haha.. See how far this will go.

Snippet #1

There are just some things that only happens to me (or people like me). Yesterday was one of those days... again. Was rushing back from lunch to the office, realized how late I was and called up my boss and said, "Boss, I'm running late, I've got issues".. he sniggered & said, "What's new?". Yea, I know... it's true, I always have the weirdest things happen to me at the oddest times. Hmmm..

Anyway yesterday's little drama was ok compared to other dramas I've had. Was walking around the office with a football, waiting for some important person but he was late.. anyway long story, I never got what I wanted to do done *period*. But I was late late late to go back to the client site... and of all times, I didn't have small change to pay for parking. So I went to get some mint and paid with a large note hoping to break it up but they ran out of change too & started giving me all the RM1 that they could find. Argh!! The lady spent 10 minutes counting & asked me to recount the large stack of Rm1, Rm5 etc.

Then I queued up to pay for the parking.. and when it was nearly my turn next, the machine stopped working!! It stopped accepting dollar notes, coins only.. yea, after I queued up for like another 5mins.. I had to change queue & waited another 5 mins. Got to the car, thanks to the stupid signs in KL... went round & round the carpark looking for the exit... every time you turn, you see the exit sign with an arrow asking you to turn right.... it was so frustrating.

Well, finally got OUT of the damn carpark, and got caught in a traffic jam. Yea, another like 20mins in the car... and yeap, was so so so late to work it wasn't funny, but anyway it's a Friday so ... yea, whatever. :)

Just one of those days. Nothing compared to how I drove up some spiral carpark in the opposite direction by accident as I couldn't find the exit, or how a little kitten had to try and get through the gate while I was opening it & reversing my car ... aaack, so freaky... kitten stuck between the auto gate & the wall screeching away.. horrid, horrid experience. Anyway, kitten was safe. Phew...